Lectures & Interviews

01/Voices of Impact:    Texas A&M University

Voices of Impact provides a platform for faculty experts from across the College of Education and Human Development at Texas A&M University to share their knowledge on issues impacting society today. 2/18

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02/BYU Radio

Top of Mind with Julie Rose, 11/17

"We Need More Black Teachers"

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03/Radio 1

“Your Voice” on Praise 107.9 FM. with Solomon Jones

The Exodus of Black Teachers from U.S. Schools, 11/17


"Tiger Brides: Memories of Love and War from the G.I. Brides of Tiger Bay"

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05/The Atlantic

"A Root Cause of the Teacher-Diversity Problem"

by M. Anderson: 01/23/2018

See Dr. Val Hill-Jackson's quote in para 15-17.

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06/ In Black America 

KUT Radio, Austin's NPR Radio Station

"The Decreasing Number of African American Teachers"

by John Hanson, Jr.: 02/14/2018


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07/ Women of Resilience

Santa Fe, New Mexico

Dr. Hill-Jackson describes the 7 stories in "Teacher Confidential"


                    -Dr. Val Hill-Jackson