Who We Are:

Teacher Confidential® is at least three things: (1) an international teacher resiliency movement,  (2) book series, and (3) a community.


1. The chief purpose of the international teacher resiliency movement is to engender emotional sturdiness among every PreK-16 educator through the art of storytelling.

2. The book series highlights teachers’ personal stories of stress or trauma. Stories have profound transformational power and often lead to personal healing and empowerment through critical introspection.

3. The T-Con Community is our space of like-minded professionals with whom we can unhook from life, share our struggles, and offer an empathetic ear. Since teacher stress is reduced in collaborative settings, T-Con Community members may consider participating in in-depth collaborations as part of a book study or professional learning community. We are NOT trained therapists, rather we are teacher-led educators providing self-help opportunities and resources for educators rebounding after difficult life circumstances.